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Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

  • Published on:  4/14/2018
  • Video full hd 1080 Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria, 720 Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria, 480 Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria

    President Donald Trump announced he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a chemical weapons attack last weekend.

    Video Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria upload by channel CNN


    TREMILBERG 3 hours ago

    Censored News Network this is propaganda

  • Chandumal Jangid
    Chandumal Jangid 10 hours ago

    Trump is good president world history america

  • youns khan
    youns khan 20 hours ago

    Both us n Russia r brothal us in afg n iraq Russia in syria

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan 21 hours ago+1

    I'm Proud of you Trump .... Please fuck Assad and destroy his country once and for all😠😠😠This Saturday Several Gas Attacks in Syria Killed too many civilians alot of lifes were lost they suffered before they were dead my brothers and sisters please pray 😢 for the innocents who've been killed for no reasons

  • i dont know
    i dont know yesterday

    Weird that USA knows about everything in syria before everyone else.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    Throw him over the wall. Money well spent.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    Trump's wife is a vampire.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    Send his kids in the front line.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    biggest head since star trek, deep space 9. Trump is an alien, like worf.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    Trump reminds me of a fish trying to talk.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    Flog the bank leaders first. Then take back the 700billion + 125billion, or give out coupons.

  • Rob Roland
    Rob Roland yesterday

    That is how rebels are born. Arm em with weapons, and just stand back. Watch the carnage. Classic warfare.

  • vick anderson
    vick anderson yesterday

    for soon the US government will get the Nobel Prize of lies

  • Caden -
    Caden - yesterday

    Go France 🇫🇷

  • Finding Nemo
    Finding Nemo yesterday

    Damn he can't read for shit!!

    fEARLESS S-B 2 days ago

    so uhmm, who's the rocket man now Trump?

  • Batman
    Batman 2 days ago

    Heil trump. May trump bring back white rule on this planet. Heil!

  • Telethea Murray
    Telethea Murray 2 days ago

    Fuck him

  • dellianor bennett
    dellianor bennett 2 days ago

    Why won't CNN cover the pizza gate, and the world wide hurting and killing our kill children. Do you guys have no hearts. Or are u also pedofiles.