The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: "Piece By Piece"

  • Published on:  3/9/2018
  • Video full hd 1080 The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: Piece By Piece, 720 The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: Piece By Piece, 480 The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: Piece By Piece

    Stephanie Skipper sings Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece" during her blind audition.
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    The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: "Piece By Piece"

    The Voice

    Video The Voice 2018 Blind Audition - Stephanie Skipper: Piece By Piece upload by channel The Voice


  • Crystal The AquaMarine Ninja

    33? She looks 17.

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le  4 hours ago

    Did Kelly’s chair full or no? In this video.

  • Thao Le
    Thao Le  4 hours ago

    Stephanie Rice did Piece by Piece too. It’s that ironic?

  • Ben Copeland
    Ben Copeland  6 hours ago

    Ive been to every edge of YouTube watching every audition and cover.. I have to say hands down one of my favorites. She is incredibily talented.

  • Phi Nguyễn
    Phi Nguyễn  7 hours ago

    Some corners on her face looks like Lady Gaga 👍

  • Ana Callata
    Ana Callata  8 hours ago

    Awesome song!!, really like it!!

  • Alex Xolo
    Alex Xolo  8 hours ago

    The emotion reminds me when Kelly performed it

  • SuperDerezzed
    SuperDerezzed  9 hours ago

    I had to look up the definition of the word "lilt" ---n. A cheerful or lively manner of speaking, in which the pitch of the voice varies pleasantly.
    n. A light, happy tune or song.
    n. A light or resilient manner of moving or walking.

  • Mary Crosby
    Mary Crosby  14 hours ago

    Why cut video at "I pick....." Irritating

  • Talent recap
    Talent recap  16 hours ago

    She's so humble I love her...and a great singer too. "You don't have to apologize, I'm on the show girl"💙💙

  • Kiana Reza
    Kiana Reza  18 hours ago

    Idk after hearing Kelly sing that song everyone else just sounds dull. She has a good voice but I think she could have picked one that matched her voice better. Not try to impress the judges with their own songs, especially if they can't sing it as good as them

  • Kimi Bautista
    Kimi Bautista  18 hours ago

    why do these Stephanies always sing Piece by Piece? XD
    last time: Stephanie Rice

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee  19 hours ago

    One of the weaker seasons of the voice... tbh

  • Naomi L
    Naomi L  22 hours ago

    Why does this have over a thousand dislikes!?!!!

  • Andrea Salguero
    Andrea Salguero  23 hours ago

    Who did she pick?!?😱

  • Jocelyn AR
    Jocelyn AR  yesterday

    Chorus starts at 0:42

  • Cristiano Sterrelo

    bruh... shes 33? She stopped aging at 21 then.

  • Kieran Josiah
    Kieran Josiah  yesterday

    Anyone else make the connection that she’s singing about how her father abandoned her, and the two coaches that turned around are fathers? Kinda like an appeal to be a better man got them two turn... idk maybe I’m reading too into it :D

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams  yesterday +1

    Kelly didn't turn because she doesn't wanna have to deal with someone singing her song better than her on her own team... good job stephanie your on the show baby

  • Sofia Cabrera
    Sofia Cabrera  yesterday

    Is that alicia keys and the guy from maroon 5