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Florence + The Machine - Sky Full Of Song

  • Published on:  4/12/2018
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    Sky Full of Song
    Directed by AG Rojas

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  • Maria Yakushenko
    Maria Yakushenko an hour ago

    I can not understand if this is a sad song or not

  • R. Maulana Wajid
    R. Maulana Wajid 2 hours ago

    Cause you're sky, cause you're sky full of song..
    Sorry wrong song

  • Rafli Ersandy
    Rafli Ersandy 3 hours ago

    autoplay brought me here

  • The Vautour Channel
    The Vautour Channel 4 hours ago

    I hate this song, so stupid

  • Eduardo Misael
    Eduardo Misael 7 hours ago


  • katquizzity
    katquizzity 9 hours ago+1

    after listening to this i just realized that I haven't felt an emotional connection to a song for so long. this just made me feel things again. thank you <3

  • Alpha Womanxx
    Alpha Womanxx 11 hours ago

    And I know I'm in trouble when Florence starts to play

  • s. c
    s. c 11 hours ago

    This is beautiful.

  • Mya Moran
    Mya Moran 12 hours ago

    So much emotion ugh missed her so much!

  • KissDtv
    KissDtv 14 hours ago

    Florence and the Machine is like the world's best chocolate. So good it hurts, and when its finished, you just want more.

  • KissDtv
    KissDtv 14 hours ago

    Ms. Flo, you are amazing. I love each and every one of your songs without exception, and that is a first. Not Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson or Sarah MacLaughlin can claim that prize; only you. You're so unbelievably talented, so beautiful in and out, and so unique in your vision. Your art makes my soul weep with joy and bitter sweet sorrow. Thank you so much for sharing your Self with the World. We are so much better for it. I yearn to know more and await your future art with eager anticipation.

  • achronos178
    achronos178 15 hours ago

    This song will be in a trailer for an indie movie soon

  • Danilo Coelho
    Danilo Coelho 15 hours ago

    Is this song about suicide?

  • Dainius Rutkauskas
    Dainius Rutkauskas 18 hours ago

    It sounds like a copy from a song “ufonautai”

  • Sam Ashkenazy
    Sam Ashkenazy 19 hours ago

    where's the band...? I was waiting for them to kick in the entire time; they need to allow bands to do instrumentals, this is getting silly. Is it the record companies or is the band simply not talented enough? I thought her last album was such a mature classy sound and this is kinda empty. I guarantee despite everyone is saying this sounds nice, they will never listen to it once the hype fades because there is nothing here worth coming back to again and again.

  • Wojtek Gołenbiecki
    Wojtek Gołenbiecki 20 hours ago+1


  • Michele Borges
    Michele Borges 21 hours ago


  • SuperCannibas420
    SuperCannibas420 22 hours ago

    oo havent listened to florence for a minute

  • Alexandra Paskuj
    Alexandra Paskuj yesterday

    One of the best voices

  • serious thinker
    serious thinker yesterday

    Florence is back! Repeat button is on 👍🏻