Brett Young - Mercy

  • Published on:  3/10/2018
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    Music video by Brett Young performing Mercy. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

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  • sammie11905
    sammie11905  an hour ago

    Um, there is already a better song called Mercy

  • Malia Hatch
    Malia Hatch  an hour ago

    i love u so much

  • nós fica loko
    nós fica loko  2 hours ago


  • Sendii YY
    Sendii YY  3 hours ago

    3:13 awww <2

  • Jennifer Hutchins
    Jennifer Hutchins  4 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Lily Bell
    Lily Bell  5 hours ago +1

    A broken heart sounds like it happened fast. For those who have experienced it, it's slowly TORN apart...ripped to pieces...every day it hurts more. This song reflects that and it is the perfection of an imperfect heart.

  • Brittany white
    Brittany white  6 hours ago

    I'm so happy to hear him blow up in recent years!! I've always been a huge fan of Brett's since his song "Raymond" came out! I love his music&voice so much 💜💜💜

  • MelissaLynn1014
    MelissaLynn1014  6 hours ago

    So excited that this is out now

  • Ximena Torres
    Ximena Torres  8 hours ago

    Lyrics are so deep

  • Blake Gruber
    Blake Gruber  9 hours ago

    My girlfriend broke up with me for my best friend and this song has helped me

  • TheJesusfreak7777777
    TheJesusfreak7777777  10 hours ago

    I understand the recreating the breakup scene in the sand but I don't understand why the red dress? Sin? Temptation?remembering her so irrestable?

  • Jojo William
    Jojo William  11 hours ago

    Beautiful lovely video.

  • Kate S.
    Kate S.  11 hours ago +1

    My friend is going through a troubled break up. I understand because I was in her position 3 months ago. But I now have a new person on my mind and she will find a new love soon.

  • Hortencia Villacis
    Hortencia Villacis  13 hours ago

    Gracias las amo mil gracias

  • Maria Araceli Nieto-Mata

    Awesome song! Very touching and deepest feelings!! Love it love it love it. I just admire Brett and his music.

  • Tonya Suggs
    Tonya Suggs  19 hours ago

    Love! ❤️

  • fun lety M
    fun lety M  20 hours ago

    Oh my it’s still burning real bad 💔😢

  • Cory Bird
    Cory Bird  20 hours ago

    Damn I love this song. This song hits home 💯

  • Yera
    Yera  21 hours ago


  • Tracey Bowers
    Tracey Bowers  21 hours ago

    love this song