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We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It

  • Published on:  4/23/2018
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    The title says it all, really. Thanks to Barry from My Virgin Kitchen - go see him cook and test three different garlic breads here: https://102tube.com/video/jYPYbIO9BLE/video.html - and to Steve from Random Aerospace, http://www.randomengineering.co.uk/Random_Aerospace/Welcome.html ! Pull down the description for more details.

    This started as a conversation in a pub a few weeks ago, and turned into one of the more ridiculous videos I've ever done. We send home-made garlic bread skyward on a balloon; exposed it to the stratosphere, 35km up; successfully returned it to earth in a protective box; and then ate it. It tasted... cold.

    Audio mix by Matt Gray: http://mattg.co.uk
    Additional camera by Darren

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  2 days ago+3405

    This is about as close as I get to vlogging. Have a look at Barry's video to see his garlic bread and garlic butter recipes; and if you ever want to send anything to the edge of space, you should definitely hire Steve!

    • blind io
      blind io 17 minutes ago

      +DamienLunas i'm 99% sure that garlic bread has been closer to space than any other garlic bread in history(if any experts on the food astronauts have eaten wants to confirm or deny my assumption i am now after this video vaguely interested)

    • Survivor 2021
      Survivor 2021 39 minutes ago

      Tom Scott becuse why? Yes.

    • Star Sapphire
      Star Sapphire an hour ago

      Tom Scott oo

    • simonsheaharris
      simonsheaharris 2 hours ago

      Tom Scott wouldn't the bread absore some radiation at that altitude

    • Audiomaniac84
      Audiomaniac84 3 hours ago

      It's not so good when you know about radiation in open space... This bread was radioactive.

  • Immortal DineroEli
    Immortal DineroEli  4 minutes ago

    Take that flat Earthers!

  • Krepel
    Krepel 4 minutes ago

    Glory to the garlic bread

  • Equintrinity
    Equintrinity 5 minutes ago

    Elon Musk: Can I get some garlic bread up here?

  • Fangzahn Aviation Studios

    This is how I freeze all my food.

  • roberto mael
    roberto mael 5 minutes ago

    This is exactly the video of a French Youtuber, he did more than 1 year ago : Cyr!l : j'envoie une baguette dans l'espace

  • Chelsey -lol-
    Chelsey -lol- 6 minutes ago

    Are we gonna send watermelon next?

  • nibbba aku
    nibbba aku 6 minutes ago

    The earth is flat!!!!

  • Marco
    Marco 6 minutes ago


  • MLG420 Mcswaggerten
    MLG420 Mcswaggerten 6 minutes ago

    Imagine if the farmer watched the box fall down and 3 old guys just stand in the middle of the field eating garlic bread. So funny

  • iiBlue_Sushi
    iiBlue_Sushi 7 minutes ago

    Because why the hell not

  • ylangylang ylangyalng
    ylangylang ylangyalng 7 minutes ago


  • Akimbo24000
    Akimbo24000 7 minutes ago


  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed 7 minutes ago

    You shoud have made a locus of where is might land

  • Chai Yew Jin
    Chai Yew Jin 7 minutes ago

    Best thing ever

  • T H E S P A G H E T
    T H E S P A G H E T 8 minutes ago

    Mmm simply delicious

  • UCan'tPhaseMe
    UCan'tPhaseMe 8 minutes ago

    1.4k flat Earthers disliked this.

  • Penta Penguin
    Penta Penguin 9 minutes ago

    All these dislikes from flattards lel

  • Nameサヨリ
    Nameサヨリ 9 minutes ago

    Why is this #1 on trending?

  • Alex Patel
    Alex Patel 9 minutes ago

    Can you say it tasted out of this world?