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LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

  • Published on:  4/15/2018
  • Video full hd 1080 LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!, 720 LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!, 480 LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

    The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!

    Location Price- $60 USD

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  • TheDeltathreat
    TheDeltathreat an hour ago

    This guy has a damn big appetite. .. he probably are more than he paid for. I am sure, the hotel guys must be in shock about who's this monster??

  • TheDeltathreat
    TheDeltathreat an hour ago

    When in New Delhi.. Google "Hunger strike, Lajpat Nagar"
    Moolchand ke Paranthe

  • Jello Shot
    Jello Shot an hour ago

    WOW! I am going here next time i'm in Mumbai!

  • Shun Real
    Shun Real an hour ago


  • Piru K
    Piru K 5 hours ago

    I just finished my lunch here and this dude is still eating starters !!!

  • Max soni
    Max soni 5 hours ago

    man... u eat like a Buffalo...

  • G YamBal
    G YamBal 7 hours ago

    It’s not humanly possible to eat all that food in just one seating.

  • G YamBal
    G YamBal 7 hours ago

    One thing for sure, that buffet had a profit loss. Just imagine if most of their customers eat as much as Mike, they would go bankrupt.

  • Chandan Roy
    Chandan Roy 7 hours ago

    Man,,, what's its insane!!!!!!!

  • Dominic Bleau
    Dominic Bleau 14 hours ago

    Wow mike....like a king!

  • Vighnesh Vicky
    Vighnesh Vicky 15 hours ago

    Dude you ate it all by yourself... 😕

  • Gayatri Vinay
    Gayatri Vinay 18 hours ago

    Hyderabad ! Plz do check out the food

  • Grv Nvm
    Grv Nvm 21 hours ago

    phat jayega saale, bas kar kitna khayega

  • Karthikeya Sharma
    Karthikeya Sharma 21 hours ago

    I was on a diet................

  • Johnny McLoughlin
    Johnny McLoughlin 22 hours ago

    You shout all the time you need to quieten down when in a restaurant not everyone wants to hear your voice

  • Sean Chiang
    Sean Chiang 23 hours ago

    It's Naan bro, thought he said said Nun. Why would you serve a nun at a buffet lol

  • Chanjal S
    Chanjal S 23 hours ago

    Me really satisfied ... Nice video bro ... Hope you too satisfied ....

  • Ashley Morley
    Ashley Morley 23 hours ago

    You’re the best love your channel 😍👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🙌🏾

  • GAZArts
    GAZArts yesterday

    How on earth does this guy stay in shape with all this delicious food :|

  • Dream AV
    Dream AV yesterday

    How do you eat so much?