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💵📚 5 Hacks To Get 1 Million Eyes On Your Idea 👀💰 ‪tailopez.com/growfollowing‬

  • Published on:  11/21/2017
  • Video full hd 1080 💵📚 5 Hacks To Get 1 Million Eyes On Your Idea 👀💰 ‪tailopez.com/growfollowing‬, 720 💵📚 5 Hacks To Get 1 Million Eyes On Your Idea 👀💰 ‪tailopez.com/growfollowing‬, 480 💵📚 5 Hacks To Get 1 Million Eyes On Your Idea 👀💰 ‪tailopez.com/growfollowing‬

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  • Kathy Malone
    Kathy Malone 1 months ago

    Love this video Tai thanks, and you cracked me up .... if people dont have common sense ... dont even have get rich slow way 😂😂😂👍

  • Vee J
    Vee J 3 months ago

    Haha at the DSM-5 reference. I'm a clinical social worker; this is our mental health Bible. 👍 Dropping knowledge!

  • Pay Dro
    Pay Dro 4 months ago

    That art piece to the right of the screen is fresh

  • Edward Tay
    Edward Tay 4 months ago+6

    Hack #1 4:37 personality driven
    Hack #2 7:40 contagious
    Hack #3 16:30 modern day strategy
    Hack #4 21:52 components of success changed
    Hack #5 24:50 social media

    • Ak Sh
      Ak Sh 4 months ago

      Thank you

  • Global Solutions Agency

    Tai, you're killing me..

  • Global Solutions Agency

    Real Talk Tai. Adapt or Die.

  • Xavier Dole
    Xavier Dole 5 months ago


  • Mica L
    Mica L 5 months ago

    This is interesting and informative, however kylie Jenner is an awful example because her family are extremely famous. Her sister is a global reality star and so they could release anything and people would be curious to check it out. With the amount of people who follow them on social media and watch their shows, they'd make a fortune on any product.

  • 789irvin
    789irvin 5 months ago+1

    I highly recommend people read ‘the millionaire fastlane’ by MJ Demarco. Exceptional book

  • Nick Pierson
    Nick Pierson 5 months ago+3

    Spend less time defending yourself Tai. Every Time you give it attention, it actually makes me question your motives and authenticity.

  • Antoliv Diaz
    Antoliv Diaz 5 months ago+1

    I'm 14 I should start learning early

  • George Wofford
    George Wofford 5 months ago

    Man Tai, you are the ultimate inspiration. You are the reason I got back into reading and why I’m working harder every day. I just want to work for or with you. Whether you give me the opportunity and I pitch a idea to you someday. I just know it’s gonna happen.

  • Armaan Walia
    Armaan Walia 5 months ago

    You have 20 K views

  • BlackGamer Crime
    BlackGamer Crime 5 months ago

    Its crazy how you have the time to show others and teach them motivate the inspire them. Man keep up what you doing

  • Leonard Harris
    Leonard Harris 5 months ago

    I'm really love everything that you do ..by helping people understand how to invest

  • kevin kersting
    kevin kersting 5 months ago

    You are such an inspiration thank you for these videos

  • Unders
    Unders 5 months ago+4

    Tai dude I love you but people don’t have 2 hours to dig into you if they are building and grinding

  • shamir thompson
    shamir thompson 5 months ago

    This is lit

  • Ty Speaks
    Ty Speaks 5 months ago+1

    Millionaire lifestyle coming soon ;) stay tuned

  • Marty Ozaeta
    Marty Ozaeta 5 months ago

    If we spent the money we would spent to get in your text group for our own ads couldn't we do the Same? Or even better?