Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson!

  • Published on:  3/9/2018
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    My mind is blown multiple times in this video.


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    Video Talking Tech with Neil deGrasse Tyson! upload by channel Marques Brownlee


  • Michael B. Isbell
    Michael B. Isbell  an hour ago

    This is great! Great interview, it's nice hearing the tech guy perspective on this kind of thing. I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff.

  • Honglu Zhang
    Honglu Zhang  3 hours ago

    reminded me of Interstellar

  • realicepick1
    realicepick1  5 hours ago

    Neil is an actor, a liar, and a fraud. The globe, space and evolution are lies.

  • tønySi G.
    tønySi G.  6 hours ago

    Wakanda wants their genius back.

  • dude192ful
    dude192ful  6 hours ago

    Time flew while watching this video, for me!

  • Faizan Mughal
    Faizan Mughal  7 hours ago +1

    The atom was sasuke mangekyou sharingan

  • Guru H
    Guru H  10 hours ago

    hear this all who criticize spaceX and Eon for his mars mission

  • YouStuThis Beatz
    YouStuThis Beatz  14 hours ago

    Marques Brownlee the future CEO of Google💯

  • Deshan Jayampath
    Deshan Jayampath  17 hours ago

    Well, Marq you should have focused on physics a lil bit. You seems to be lost.

  • HailFyre
    HailFyre  20 hours ago

    Chuck Nice looks hella confused

  • vagabond
    vagabond  20 hours ago

    This Tyson guy is the biggest pretender I have seen and I know about Hollywood. His acting of "being" a smart guy is tragically hilarious once you find out his act. This is all to justify their investment in military research hoping it will end in your smartphone? That explains why they let out Tyson to play his part and pay for his fame and fortune.

  • Brad Ling
    Brad Ling  21 hours ago

    I fucking love how Neil constantly touches your arm whenever he's throwing out some dank facts.

  • Himawan Santoso
    Himawan Santoso  yesterday


  • Jared C
    Jared C  yesterday

    This is stupid

  • Aaron Ryder
    Aaron Ryder  yesterday

    Watch out we got a badass over here!!

  • Tarun Tej
    Tarun Tej  2 days ago

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    Kaan KONYALIOĞLU  2 days ago

    all good people there,.. good is right word i think,.. we love good people,.. =)

  • Evolve816
    Evolve816  2 days ago

    "Evidence of the history of this exercise proves....... that one day it will!" Best Said lol

  • Mike62998
    Mike62998  2 days ago

    I dunt know why, but I just like the sound of Neil's voice. I dunt know what he's talking about, but I'm glad to hear it

  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox  2 days ago

    What Neil is saying is right. So often, people claim that research for research sake is a waste of time. But decades of "pointless research" has helped lead us to the technology we have today, therefore who knows what today's "pointless research" will lead to in the future. Stopping it just because we can't see where it leads is short-sighted.