$30,000.00 Camera

  • Published on:  3/9/2018
  • Video full hd 1080 $30,000.00 Camera, 720 $30,000.00 Camera, 480 $30,000.00 Camera

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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  12 days ago +653

    Who's ready for summer? MEEEE!!!!

    • Jonathan Goulet
      Jonathan Goulet  4 days ago +1

      more than ready for summer hehe

    • Michael Leedy
      Michael Leedy  6 days ago

      Nathan B the one I kept coming across in my vlog set up researching is the 70D ... I just picked up a nice used set on Ebay that came with 3 lenses including a nice f/2.8 prime lens for the price point you mentioned.

    • Nathan B
      Nathan B  6 days ago +1

      What would be the best (~$1000) camera to upgrade to? I've been using the Canon 20D for a while now, and I would like a better camera. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Leedy
      Michael Leedy  7 days ago

      You are a godDamn PLEASURE, Peter McKinnon !!! I just can’t! And um yeah... summer please, oh jesus christ come ON... my tan line so faded I look like a whole person.

    • Robert L
      Robert L  8 days ago

      Man...I was hoping you're going to show us those prints

    • Chris Nixon
      Chris Nixon  8 days ago

      summer just finished here in Australia but its still close to 100 degrees most days :D :D

    • Rico Suflaaa
      Rico Suflaaa  8 days ago

      Greetings brudda from habalulu Africa!

    • Together In Style
      Together In Style  9 days ago

      SOOOO Ready... More snow here in the Northeast tomorrow! But, a big celeb wedding coming up in a warm local... Details coming soon.

    • megaxero1
      megaxero1  9 days ago

      can I have your jacket when it's summer? I'll give you a t-shirt for it

    GAITH IMAD  15 hours ago

    man you wrote 30.000$ camera and u talked about it only 30 seconds or less wtf is that , u should write wood shit

  • Quincy Berry
    Quincy Berry  23 hours ago

    this felt like 2 mins I wanted to watch so much more! What an entertaining Vlog!

  • anonymi N
    anonymi N  yesterday

    Nice flexing with money, unsub

  • Same Bari
    Same Bari  yesterday

    Love your videos man my dream is to hit 1k subscribes

  • amanda tay
    amanda tay  yesterday

    Sick camera work!

  • Kaden Cox
    Kaden Cox  yesterday

    Was that the c700?

  • ThePeddle
    ThePeddle  yesterday

    Get the Tonneau low pro roll cover for your truck dude.......you'll thank me later. Order it through Costco.

  • Haibo Wang
    Haibo Wang  2 days ago

    I thought the opeing was a movie trailer AD...

  • Dale Sanchez
    Dale Sanchez  2 days ago

    PM dadhats??

  • SteveCarpenter92624

    Wow, outstanding!

  • Nile Earl
    Nile Earl  2 days ago


  • Bekahsbeach
    Bekahsbeach  3 days ago

    This San Diegan completely did a full on double take when you said “it was like 16” hahaha.... as in DEGREES????? 😂 I get sad when it’s in the 40s at 6am and I have to set up the preschool yard (preschool teacher in the house...)... kudos to all you cold weather people!

  • Chicken Nugget Plays

    omg u make amazing stuff i wanna be like u

  • Mike Pickett
    Mike Pickett  3 days ago

    I was already following Mike's Etsy shop! Great products! After watching your b-roll of the wood shop I need to up my game... so amazing! Also stoked to see a fellow Canadian YouTuber with so much success - your channel is amazing and your stories are inspirational, though provoking and entertaining! Keep it up man!

  • Фарход Тожиев

    Thank you Peter

  • StevieRayPhoto
    StevieRayPhoto  3 days ago

    You literally make me wanna be Canadian Peter.

  • Farhad Jorbozeh
    Farhad Jorbozeh  4 days ago

    Fantastic video as always Peter

  • Imagine Arts
    Imagine Arts  4 days ago

    Bossssss!!!!! I must first comment about the 1234 sounds and in sync with the music before I watch the video. You are the deal!!! I just love the way you take time to create amazing and creative stuff! and B-Roll is insane!!!!

  • MRFT
    MRFT  4 days ago

    You are the best cinematographer in You tube.Love your vedios