How Prosthetics are Made for Movies

  • Published on:  3/9/2018
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    As seen with the Oscar-winning film "The Darkest Hour", makeup and prosthetics enable actors to fully look the part of the role they're playing. Makeup casters use a process called lifecasting. They'll cover the actor in "goop" to create an exact replica, with which they use to build prosthetics to wear. A lot of movies rely on CGI to bring movies to life, but when it can be done, prosthetics truly do enhance the realism of a film.

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  • flower power
    flower power  6 hours ago

    I went to the movie wonder with my family and my PCA

  • RedJay Creations
    RedJay Creations  21 hours ago

    I watched this to help figure out what I have to know before getting my dream job as a sfx makeup artist for movies and stuff. I’m not even out of high school yet and I’m already learning as much as I can online and have a job to buy materials to practice with :)

  • Cry BaeB MSP
    Cry BaeB MSP  yesterday

    I liked the movie Wonder

  • Sike Dope
    Sike Dope  yesterday

    When I saw auggie in the thumbnail I shat myself bc I watched that movie one Friday ago and I started to cry because it was so sweet and beautiful 😭❤️

  • Independent Potato

    Video:Auggie’s Face is fake
    (Guys I’m kidding I still love it though!”

  • Kyle Breeden
    Kyle Breeden  3 days ago

    We had a field trip to watch the movie

  • Margaret The Der
    Margaret The Der  3 days ago

    Ohhh okay thanks

    D ONLYONE  3 days ago

    anyone knows whats the background noise at thh starting of the vid

    VIVI ATACK!!!  3 days ago


  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki  3 days ago

    A U G G I E

  • Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming  4 days ago


  • SteamedBunGaming
    SteamedBunGaming  4 days ago +1

    All Hail Robbie Rotten and Steffen

  • Ashley Samimi
    Ashley Samimi  4 days ago

    I read this as "How *prostitutes* are made in movies"

  • Charm TLM
    Charm TLM  4 days ago

    0:01 they touch her boobs

  • Aoibhe O'Donovan
    Aoibhe O'Donovan  4 days ago

    You sound like “number 15, Burger King foot lettuce”

  • Affie Abdul
    Affie Abdul  4 days ago

    I thought that the actor playing wonder actually had that disorder

  • Affie Abdul
    Affie Abdul  4 days ago +1


  • TheRqinbow
    TheRqinbow  5 days ago

    Wow.. From what I've seen of a few clips and trailers, I thought the prosthetics were real.

  • JeayaTheNugget
    JeayaTheNugget  5 days ago

    I see Auggie, I click.
    Book was better tho

  • Jam With Jay
    Jam With Jay  6 days ago

    For fucks sake just hire someone with a disability! Disabled people and mentally ill people are nearly always left out of movies and when there is a chance to cast someone, the producers just give it straight away to ablebodied/neurotypical actor. It makes me so angry.